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Energy is an Unappreciated Key to Leadership

Posted by Upper Hand | Jan 5, 2013 4:53:11 PM

Leadership is a topic that we’ve discussed in past posts. There is something about leadership that intrigues me and the great thing about leadership is that is forever changing – it is fluid – and it will remain fluid as every situation, team, organization, individual is different. This fluidity requires different, new and unique ways to utilize leadership.
As I think about critical qualities that leaders must have, I can’t help but think about ENERGY. I’m not talking about the energy that comes with drinking 5 cups of coffee or a 5-Hour Energy…I am referring to
genuine energy. This is the energy that comes to people as they think about their life or situation. That feeling in your mind that says LET’S GO DO IT and the coinciding feeling in one’s body that answers the mind with I’M ALREADY ON MY WAY! So many people fail to achieve what they want because their mind is willing but their body is weak…or vice-versa. Think about leaders that you respect – whether it's a coach, athlete, co-worker, boss, politician, leader at your church, etc. – what do they have in common? I can’t speak for you, but when I think of leaders that I respect and want to emulate, one consistent trait that I can always point to their
energy. I usually find myself thinking “how in the world is he/she able to do what they do?!” Energy comes in many different ways and don’t mistake energy with charisma or the impact that a leader has on you. Energy can be psychological, emotional, spiritual or physical to some leaders. Leaders find ways to tap into energy when others cannot. When they are exhausted and/or defeated, leaders find a way. Without energy – nothing moves, nothing changes and all chances of success are halted. How do you increase and expand your energy? Physically take care of your self – train your body which will increase your energy. Additionally, you can tap into yourself – your purpose. Those who have true goals and truly believe in their goals and themselves can channel these thoughts and create energy. Dig deep and find what is important to you, what is truly important to you…not to others. Once you get to this point you can unify your vision and purpose thus thrusting you on the right track! Hold yourself accountable. Understand your goals and your purpose and get on the track towards leadership! Whether it is leading a team or leading your life, leadership is a must! Written By:  Eric Blumenthal

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Written by Upper Hand

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