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Easy Client Processes with Automated Sports Management Software

Posted by Upper Hand | Feb 22, 2018 7:00:00 AM

All of the talk, the news and the activity surrounding automation is for good reason, it works. That's great - but what does that mean to your sports business and can it help with training?

It means everything for your business and yes, it will help. One story shared these notable statistics regarding the automation movement...

 and -

  • 78% of successful marketers say that marketing automation is most responsible for improving revenue contribution.


What does automation mean for your training business? Better customer relationships, improved operations and increased revenue. None of this automation magic becomes reality, however, without understanding and implementing the basics.

With that in mind, these are the key pillars to keeping clients happy with automated sports management software and to your success using automated technology.


Be Mobile-Friendly

So you have automated your reminder emails and even have an automated payment system - great! Your customers, many of whom are athletes and active parents, are busy. That means they are on the go, all the time. So ask yourself, Are my automated systems mobile-friendly? Those emails you send them, those payments they make, the scheduling process - chances are good that clients will take all actions via their mobile device.

Registration and scheduling done by athletes themselves, or often by parents, should,’t be a hassle. That can lead to abandoned carts or frustrated phone calls. Maybe parents are looking up new events while they are sitting outside in the parking lot of your sports complex, waiting to pick up their kid. On-the-go capabilities aren’t negotiable for your business and you want customers to be left with the impression that your business is established, competent and ready to take on the responsibility of working with their child. This mobile process is often a client’s first impression, this has to be seamless.

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The Savings

The time, the money and the effort you will save, not even considering the errors you can prevent, are all benefits of automating your routine operations. Those basic introductory greetings, training marketing emails with sign up and registration information, and the scheduling process, are examples of routine management tasks that can be automated for easier management.

Expenses and staff hours spent manually entering registration lists, counting cash, or making phone calls, can be all but eliminated. That also means that the resources and capabilities of that employee can be employed elsewhere - likely on training time! From reminder emails, to payment processing and registering new customers, any daily or routine task can be a candidate for hand-off automation. This will equate to being able to do more with less, improve your bottom-line and enable you to better manage your business.


A Solution for You and Your Customers

The benefits of automation for any sports business is apparent, but outside of the increase in efficiency for you, is customer satisfaction. Your customers will appreciate many of those advantages too. Not missing out on any important events (marketing emails and scheduling reminders), feeling engaged with updates, and working with an efficient and competent business, won't go unnoticed.

Most every business is defined by their customers, it is arguably even more so with sports businesses. Active people and athletes expect the best effort, the best programs and want to work with the best companies - they’re competitive just like you! The best companies today are reliant on automated processes to keep their customers happy and their businesses moving forward.


Doing Business Has Changed

"...automation replaces more routine or repetitive tasks, allowing employees to focus more on tasks that utilize creativity and emotion."

Routine paperwork, repetitive tasks and other mundane processes can be automated allowing for more personal interaction between companies and customers. Technology, mobility, automation...the way we do business today has changed. Keeping up and staying ahead demands smarter and better ways of getting things done at your sports business, and automation just happens to be one of those smarter, better ways.

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Written by Upper Hand

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