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Make Sure Your Sports Training Techniques Are Cutting-Edge

Posted by Upper Hand | Jun 3, 2017 4:53:00 PM

Learning the Latest Advancements in Training Programs:

Trying to keep up to date on what athletes want in advanced training can take a lot of time to study and remain cutting-edge, creating challenges for your staff. Even so, you need to keep up on the latest sports training techniques if you're going to stay competitive. Since you likely have competition nearby, offering something unique can help bring client loyalty, especially if you pride your business on using the latest techniques and technology.

 So how do you go about keeping your training up-to-date?


While keeping yourself well-educated is key, think about how you'll educate your staff and fellow coaches as well. Here are some tips and resources to keep your training business innovative:


Getting Yourself Certified

Before you do anything, you need to assure you have the proper training credentials so clients take you seriously. One way to go about this is to consider a certification course through the American Fitness Professionals Association.

The AFPA offers training programs at different levels, which starts at a basic tier, goes to advanced, and a master certification. You can even get training in specialized areas like sports conditioning, senior fitness, or for those with specific illnesses.

You'll also want to train in CPR as a way to save lives if a client experiences a health event. Keep in mind CPR and your above certification training should continue to update. Getting your training through the AFPA allows you to keep your certifications continually refreshed.

Another great resource for coaches working with youth athletes is the Positive Coaching Alliance website. From online courses and certifications, to business wide onsite training programs for your staff, that focus on developing “Better Athletes, Better People” through youth and high school sports. In addition to 1,400+ free audio-video and printable tips and tools at www.PCADevZone.org, PCA delivers live group workshops, online courses and books that help trainers and coaches create a positive, character-building youth sports culture.

Consider having a certification requirement for your entire staff to ensure that everyone is up-to-date on the latest best practices.


Using Mentorships

Not all sports trainers and coaches have a degree in the field. While it's important to have certifications, it helps to use a mentorship to maintain an innovative training program. By networking with notable trainers and coaches, they might offer to mentor younger on new techniques, and vice-versa. Sometimes a younger staff member with less experience, may offer a fresh and enlightening outlook on your training.

Many of your clients are perhaps working towards college athletic careers and beyond, needing the most advanced training available. By working with a variety of professionals in the field, you'll gain insights into techniques you might not otherwise know. One-on-one demonstrations may also work better than just reading about a new system.


Attending Conventions

Organizations like the National Strength and Conditioning Association hold conferences every year where you can gain information on the latest training procedures. Their conferences give you opportunity to learn the best techniques used by the greatest sports trainers worldwide. This next July, their conference is going to celebrate its 40th anniversary in being a leading source for training advancements.

Of course, no matter what conference you attend, you'll also be able to network with fellow professionals to share training ideas. The NSCA conference helps you connect with some of the most prestigious trailblazers in strength and conditioning.


Bringing a Guest Trainer to Work With Your Clients

After doing some networking, you might create a few long-lasting relationships with some highly certified trainers. Maybe you can invite one to be a guest trainer at an upcoming training program or event.

Your clients are going to appreciate this, because it brings a firsthand source who can demonstrate the newest training procedures. While you can pass new techniques on from what you learn at conventions, having it available in your training class straight from the source, can nurture client loyalty.


Using Technology for Easier Access to Lesson Packages

So now you’re keeping your training programs up-to-date, let’s make sure your sports registration software is cutting edge as well! How many years have you had to send out training lesson package information in the mail or hand out sign up forms to your clients? Printing these on paper can become a big expense and headache when it comes time for data-entry. Plus, it just looks outdated. Clients may wonder: “How can an athlete rely on you for state-of-the-art training when you haven’t moved to online sports registration?”

It's possible to run your registration, scheduling and more online with quality sports management software. Here at Upper Hand, we provide a platform providing the above, and so much more. Visit us to find out how you can keep your training and business management top-tier for years to come.

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