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College Football Playoff

Posted by Upper Hand | Nov 28, 2012 7:19:11 PM

 Every College Football fan is FIRED UP for 2014 and the new 4-team “Playoff System” that has been approved and announced. Will this solve everyone’s frustrations with the current BCS System, certainly not. Will there be controversy even after we go to the new format, absolutely. Think about if there was a 4-team playoff this year…with one week left, who would get in? There would be about 5 very deserving teams that would be left out. There is no need  to focus on what we can’t control and the fact is that for ’12 and ’13 we will use the BCS System in College Football. I was always taught to focus on the positive things in life and when looking at this year’s chase to crown a College Football National Champion there are some GREAT things going on!

Notre Dame Football is not only relevant again but they finished the season undefeated and
will play in the National Championship Game…think about the past 10+ years as it relates to Notre Dame and let that sink in for a minute! This is HUGE for College Football as the “Golden Domers” have arguably the largest fan base in all of College Football and the sport just feels better with them being relevant. Second, we actually have a makeshift playoff/semi-final game to watch this weekend…
The SEC Championship Game. How great is this going to be? The winner of SEC Championship between the Alabama Crimson Tide and the Georgia Bulldogs will play in the National Title Game, talk about drama!

Alabama features a young quarterback as it relates his age, but he is a veteran as it relates to experience. He has already won a National Championship and he is hungry to win his second in as many years as the starting quarterback for the Tide. Alabama is regarded as having College Football's best coach and one of the all-time greats in Nick Saban and there is no doubt his team will be ready for the game.

Don't discount the Bulldogs and their veteran quarterback. Arron Murray has broken all major passing records in his time wearing the Red and Black and the Bulldogs feature a running attack nicknamed “
Gurshall." This attack is the combination of two Freshmen Running Backs - Todd Gurley and Keith Marshall - and they are amongst the top rushers in the nation. The question will be can the 'Dawgs step up in arguably the program's biggest game since their 1980 National Championship victory over Notre Dame? One thing is for sure, Saturday afternoon’s game (kickoff at 4pm) will be electric. This game is the semi-final game to the title and the winner gets an opportunity to play for a National Championship on January 7th. And the loser...well let’s just say the word “devastated” wouldn’t begin to describe the feeling in that locker room. Do we need a playoff system in College Football now? Yes. We won’t get it until 2014, but let’s be thankful that we have the next best thing to tune in for at 4pm on Saturday!

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