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Build a Cohesive Team & Keep Trainers on the Same Page

Posted by Upper Hand | Jul 27, 2017 12:26:37 PM

6 Tips for Keeping Staff on the Same Page:

Whether you're working with kids at a camp or young athletes in your training center, you want every client who walks through your doors to have the same high-quality experience. Every employee they interact with is a representative of the business. It's important that you keep trainers on the same page -- from sharing your mission to having a solid staff scheduling software -- these tactics can help make that easier.


#1 Highlight your Mission.

There's something that sets your sports organization apart from the others. Maybe you're dedicated to helping clients earn college recruitment to a top school. Perhaps it's a dedication to individuality and character, helping each young athlete reach their personal goals more effectively. Whatever your mission might be, it's critical that you highlight that and encourage your employees to exhibit it in everything they do. You created your organization around that mission for a reason. Make sure that all of your employees are standing behind it with you!

#2 Utilize Sports Scheduling Software.

Effective sports scheduling software can help you coordinate schedules and ensure that everyone knows what programs they should be running and when. This will help staff coordinate with each other, as well as with clients to avoid double booking and other confusion. If you aren't using effective scheduling software, your employees are missing out! Not only will things run more smoothly, but effective scheduling will reduce a lot of stress for staff as well.

#3 Delegate Responsiblities.

Is there a particular trainer who is great at tackling a particular training type or admin task? What about problem clients: is there one employee who is assigned to deal with frustrated parents? Even delegating less-desirable tasks specifically and by name can help make sure that your organization runs more fluidly and that all the necessary tasks are being taken care of each day. In many cases, this can be the difference between an effective program and one that misses the mark.

#4 Offer Fair Compensation.

You've defined your mission. You've improved team communication through effective management and scheduling software. If you genuinely want your team on the same page, however, evaluate where you're offering compensation. Your employees may be committed to helping athletes reach their potential. They are likely just as passionate about the mission as you are, but if you want to keep that passion, offering personal compensation is one of the best ways to ensure they’ll stay committed. Check your bonuses, training opportunities, and other compensation tactics. How do employees earn raises? Is it based on your mission statement, feedback from clients, or how well they align with your sports business goals, or is it based on something else--something, perhaps, that could be detracting from the real focus of your company?

#5 Make Your Organization System Clear.

Effective sports management software can make a big difference in the way your employees work on each step of their daily process. It can help keep your team get organized, clean up the way you share information, and make sure that every staff member is aware of any changes day-to-day. In addition, the right sports management software will allow your management team to to keep access to certain information limited, such as finances and reporting. This way, you can make sure all staff members have access to the information they need, while still keeping management details private. Check in on your software and management systems to ensure that it's taking care of your team’s needs, without adding time-wasted to your days.

#6 Communicate Regularly.

It's easy to go about your business day without connecting effectively, especially when your daily tasks don't keep you in close proximity. If you're struggling to keep your staff on the same page, try increasing your communication. This can include more regular meetings, daily check-ins, virtual communication, or a software system: whatever method works best to keep your team talking.

Keeping your staff on the same page can be a challenge. By utilizing these methods, however, you'll discover that you're able to create a more effective environment where your team can work together and keep the company's goals at the forefront.

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