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Back to Basics: Sports Business Branding

Posted by Upper Hand | Apr 24, 2017 3:59:30 PM

From sports camps to training facilities - Make sure you’re creating brand awareness to build a loyal client base

Whether it's a tournament or a training program for young athletes, brand awareness is essential for you to increase attendance at your events. The same goes for training camps, leagues, and facilities. One difficulty in building your business’s brand, is the tendency to want to copy what others do.

Marketing analysts point out that sports marketers sometimes visit other tournaments and see amazing branding stunts they want to imitate. But, it's important to avoid copying what your competitors are doing, because it only leads to major branding confusion. Creating unique branding isn't a huge challenge when you truly understand what your sports mission is, and what gives your business a competitive advantage.


Here are four tips for branding your next sports event through offline and online sources.

  1. Create an Effective Logo
    You'll find a lot of creative and colorful examples of logos for sports tournaments online. These can also apply to sports camps, leagues and facilities for training.

    What you need to do is get a feel for how others create their logos and use them as a guide to finding the true essence of your own. Your entire sports organization needs representation here as well since you have one shot to impress first-time visitors.

    Look at the graphics others use and see what they create to represent themselves. Take some time to look at objects you could use that best define your sports business. Can you make this work without becoming too complex?

    Plus, consider the font style you're using and whether it demonstrates the essence of your business. Here you can incorporate some elements of your recurring brand style by keeping your font style consistent across all promotional materials, in the logo, headers, website design, etc.
    Get a Custom Website Started Today →Color is a major factor as well, though you may need a unique color scheme for a one-time event, be sure to incorporate consistent branding colors into your logo and other promotional materials across the board. These colors should be used in your sports gear and equipment whenever possible as well!
  1.  Creating Swag
    There is no better branding opportunity than creating swag for an upcoming event. Whether it be a camp or training program, make sure that athletes leave representing your brand through branded gear. Young athletes are going to love having the opportunity to get some new sports swag, whether it be a shirt that’s included in the cost of your program, or additional opportunities for parents to invest in gear.

    Here, it's possible to do effective branding, including adding your logo and other creative ideas to make your business memorable. One of the best things to do is create swag that's actually useful. Items like lanyards, t-shirts, water bottles, or key chains are things athletes use regularly.

    Whenever they're put to use, more people are going to be exposed to your brand. Don't underestimate how much repeated viewings of your logo can stick in an individual’s mind, creating brand recognition and loyalty.

  2. Sports Data Included in Your Sports Website Design
    While social media promotion is great, you’ll need a sports website dedicated to your business in order to start building your brand. It's a must when promoting a sports camp, league, or other training programs. You’ll also want to be sure you provide specific details for each individual event and program you’re running, making it easy for individuals to find your event registration.

    On your site, you'll want to provide as much data and statistics about your sports programs as possible, further building confidence in your brand. This should also include schedules so first-time visitors know where to go and when to arrive.
    Get a Custom Website Started Today →
  3. Branding in Your Facility
    Think about all the branding opportunities you have directly in a venue or place of business.

    Creating eye-catching signage that sticks to your core branding colors, will bring everything else you’ve done together. Consider posting signage that includes the core values you expect your athletes to practice, inspirational sports quotes, and of course, don’t forget to promote any upcoming programs throughout your facility.

    Once everything is tied together through your branding efforts, consider hosting a promotional events or training facility open house to get new athletes involved!


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