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Avoiding Burnout as a Coach, Trainer & Business Manager

Posted by Upper Hand | Oct 12, 2017 2:31:57 PM

As someone who works in the sports business industry, you know how rewarding it is. Working as a coach, trainer you’re fortunate enough to help young athletes grow and succeed, whiling doing what you love. Even so, offering sports training to clients as a business can become tedious. You may become physically exhausted from training, or maybe it’s managing the business side that’s weighing you down. You know that avoiding athlete burnout is crucial, but are you considering how to keep yourself and other trainers from wearing down?


On the management side, it's easy to become overwhelmed if you are overloaded with paperwork or client communications. burnout can slow your entire business down, ultimately leading to turnover in your staff or frustrated clients. Here are some ways to avoid this on the training and business sides.

Understanding Why You're Burning Out

With a hectic life that likely involves being on your feet and moving most of the day, it can be hard to pinpoint where exactly your burnout is coming from. After all, you’ve been training for years, it feels like you should have the endurance to handle a more physical schedule. But the life of a trainer can easily lead to not just body burnout, but also mental burnout.

You may not completely understand why without looking at what's causing the problem. Your first step is to identify burnout symptoms. Do you feel constantly stressed, exhausted, or just generally indifferent?

Take these signs seriously, then examine what's causing each issue. It usually breaks down to three causes:

  • Overload burnout from working too much.
  • burnout from lack of professional development.
  • Motivational burnout from being overwhelmed by stress.

Taking Time to Work Out For Yourself

Sometimes coaches and trainers become so busy training other people, that they neglect taking time to focus on their own fitness. This can lead to burnout quickly, especially if you are someone used to having a regular gym routine and healthy living habits.

Take time to keep up with your own training to burn off stress and get your mind and body healthy. If you've slipped on eating healthy, go back to the healthy diet you had before so you don't start to feel sluggish.

Don't forget how important proper hydration is either. It's easy to overlook drinking water if you have a tight training schedule. Always have a bottle or jug with you!

Staying Connected With Your Mission

It’s likely that you are running your sports business with an overall mission of helping young athletes meet certain goals. If you haven’t articulated this - you need to put together a brand mission so you can differentiate yourself from competitors. By doing so, you'll maintain a vision about your business's purpose rather than lose sight of why you started in the first place.

If you're still trying to develop a mission for your staff and your athletes, what kind of personal story can you tap into from your own past? Storytelling is a major part of marketing and branding today, and this will help you get back to focusing on your passion.

Keeping this continually in mind will definitely help you avoid burnout, even if you have to adjust your methods and technology to maintain the vision you set.

Engage In Other Activities

When training becomes your entire life, it can start to consume you to the point where it becomes less enjoyable. You should never do something this excessively, because you'll eventually burnout and feel like you never want to go back.

Always have other activities beyond sports training in your life to move your mind away from your work. It's a good idea to choose a polar opposite hobby like music, or reading to focus your brain on something more solitary.


Try these tips to help athletes avoid burnout!

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Written by Upper Hand

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