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Jackson Tharp

Jackson Tharp is a Sales Director at Upper Hand. Sales Director here at Upper Hand. He graduated from Indiana University in 2016 where he was both a manager and a walk-on for the Men's Basketball Team. He has been playing sports his entire life and enjoys playing anything and everything.

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The Danger of Specialization in One Sport Too Early

on Nov 15, 2016 4:06:25 PM | By Jackson Tharp | 0 Comments
Upper Hand Sales Director Weighs in on New NBA Guidelines Every kid grows up wanting to be the best at their respective sport. Sports are starting to impact kids at a younger and younger age due, in part, to the increase in television and media coverage. With the increase in publicity, superstars in sports have been created and every kid aspires to be like their favorite athlete. Basketball, Football, Soccer, Baseball, or any other sport a young athlete might play, all have recognizable athletes across the globe. The fascination with athletic superstars is causing more specialization for kids and parents alike thinking the only way for them to make it to the top is by specializing in their favorite sport, starting at an extremely young age.
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