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Danielle McNally

Danielle is on the Customer Success team at Upper Hand, a sports software company aiming to simplify front and back-end office tasks, by providing cutting-edge marketing and registration tools, and business intelligence, that enable unsurpassed performance for sports businesses across the nation.

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How a Good Contact Database Can Improve Your Sports Business

on Jul 18, 2016 10:54:55 AM | By Danielle McNally | 1 Comment
Building and maintaining your contact database: As you work to grow your sports business, you are likely meeting a number of new athletes and parents each and every day. These are potential new clients, and it is crucial that you have a system in place to keep track of these contacts. Ask yourself a few questions. Are you keeping your business contacts separate from your personal contacts? Are you filtering contacts by the training and events they have expressed interest in? Have you considered how sports contact database software could eliminate some of these pain points and help you easily manage these tasks?
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