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America is Stronger Today after the Boston Marathon Bombing

Posted by Upper Hand | Apr 16, 2013 8:23:21 AM

BostonCover Yesterday’s
tragic events that occurred at the finish line of the Boston Marathon are the latest example an act of terrorism on United States soil. Nothing will be the same in America after yesterday’s attack during a sunny Patriot’s Day in Boston. Those who are responsible for carrying out these cowardly acts, whether they are foreign or domestic enemies, didn’t target a National Monument, Landmark or Government Building. They chose to target innocent Americans – women, children and men who were together celebrating one of Boston’s most important days of the year. Why? Because our enemies, those who hate freedom, will target anyone who loves it.
Anyone who loves freedom.
Boston1 The truth is today we are no more vulnerable than we were yesterday. However the chaos we all witnessed yesterday will conjure up feelings to make us feel the contrary. The truth is…WE…Americans…will always be targeted. We will be targeted because we are
UNITED. We will be targeted because we are
STRONG. We will be targeted because we are
FREE. We are hated by our enemies for those reasons and they want to see us weakened and hurt. They have disdain for what America is because they don’t understand the beauty of Freedom. They don’t understand the beauty of a United People. They can’t understand a Country that is full of people who speak and chase their dreams freely, and strive towards their happiness. So they attempt to hurt us and weaken us with spineless actions…
They will not succeed. Seconds after the blasts yesterday, the American people did not cower and accept defeat. They dug in deep and helped their brothers and sisters who were in need of assistance. Pictures of first responders, police, firefighters and civilians flooded the news stations and social media outlets. Instead of running from the chaos (which is the expected and safe action), they ran to help.
bostonrescue Boston residents opened their homes to marathon runners from outside the area who had no place to go after the tragedy. Stores and restaurants offered free food and shelter. Whether it was assisting injured comrades, bringing beverages to those who were thirsty, allowing use of a home bathroom, or people rushing to hospitals to give their blood for those in need; the American people bonded together in the aftermath of the attack. The acts did not divide us as intended
…they united us. As we did with the atrocities of 9/11, we will never forget the events of yesterday. We will honor those who lost their lives and we will send overwhelming amounts of prayers to Boston and all those affected by yesterday’s attacks. Today we will love our neighbors a little more and squeeze our family a tighter. We have faith in our leaders and know that America will prevail.
Boston3 What we won’t do, is allow our enemies to succeed. We will remain United. We will remain Strong. We will remain Free. We will never be afraid. We cannot be defeated because freedom and truth are invincible; and as Americans, that’s who we are. #GodBlessAmerica  #PrayForBoston Written By:   Eric Blumenthal

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