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Advantages of a Point of Sale System Built for Sports

Posted by Upper Hand | Aug 18, 2017 12:49:36 PM

Top Reasons to Check Out a POS System: 

Running a sports business means taking continual action to find clients who may have to go through complex registration and payments for any training programs. This can start to become a hassle for parents if you continuously use paper-based systems that slow things down. Since many of your clients are busy athletes, they don't want to spend extra time having to fill out registration forms and then mailing it out or returning in person.

The same goes with making payments for your training services. Your staff may feel overburdened having to send out paper invoices every day, not including time taken to call about late payments. Not to mention the way in which you put your business and clients at risk when relying on cash, checks and paper based systems.

Here are top reasons to use a point of sale system built specifically for sports so you and your staff don't waste time with manual tasks.


Bringing More Control to Your Registrations

You may have sudden customer drop-ins where they want to register for one of your training programs. Can you make it easy for them to do so in seconds, or is it still protracted with paperwork?

Using a digital POS allows you to register a client immediately over the phone or in-person. During a sales call, this can become invaluable since it allows clients to take action, but also makes it easy for staff members to take the lead on registering a client. Otherwise, they may move on to a competitor if they have to wait for you to mail registration papers or play phone-tag in an attempt to schedule a session.

Having a POS available at your front desk or outdoor at your training camp, brings instant registrations and purchases to in-person visitors leading to faster decisions and payments. When you receive instant payments through a digital POS system, you won't suffer through cash flow or tracking issues you have likely dealt with in recent years.

Allowing Your Staff to Use Mobile Devices for Sales

You and your staff aren’t really sitting in an office. Yet when you hear from a new athlete who is interested in training, you need to be prepared to help with registration. A good POS application should allow you to sign up new clients from any mobile device, right from the field. Plus - it can be a huge help to staff if your POS system doesn’t require additional checkout hardware that has to be attached to their device. It should be as simple as pulling out your phone and making a few taps.

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Doing this helps alleviate long lines at your front desk or at outdoor camps or clinics. It lets you finally ditch all those piles of paperwork that can easily become lost. The chances for errors through paper processes are far greater than you think.

A digital POS automatically enters data so you know it's securely stored without errors.

Allowing Registrations and Charges from Any Device

Most of the athletes and parents that you cater to are usually on-the-go, taking action from a mobile device. This is likely how they found your business when looking for sports programs in the local area.

The right sports software should not only allow clients to register or make payments on any mobile device available, but should also allow you and your staff to complete signup for clients from mobile devices. Creating an online hub is a major way to keep your clients loyalty by letting them enter personal information or view their invoices 24/7.

They won't always have time to deal with things by mail, so you can basically have them make payments or register on the spot. This can occur anywhere and not just in-store, including while they're on a playing field.

Other Features a POS Registration System Gives You

By being able to store encrypted payment info, your clients can easily make payments securely on their mobile device, or allow your staff to process a payment. All it takes is a tap of the screen.

Being able to add discounts to the customer's shopping cart is also a unique way to use your POS system as a method to ensure your clients complete the checkout process.

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Free Webinar: 3 Ways to Utilize Point of Sale to Increase Revenue

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