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A SEEMore Putter...Make Every Putt

Posted by Upper Hand | Jul 17, 2012 7:29:09 AM

Please take the time to read through some great insight and teaching from PGA Member and
USKids Top 50 Kids Teacher, Chris Knobloch.
Chris is a member of the TRAINlete Community of Trainers, located in the Newnan, GA area. We are excited to partner with Chris and share some great information!

Using the Best Putter to Aim… A SEEMore Putter By:
Chris Knobloch -
http://ckgolf.lockerdome.com/articles On the putting green, how is your Aim? Do you know what a square putter face looks like? In my indoor putting studio using the
SAM Putting System, data proves most golfers do not know how to aim their putter and cannot see if their face is square at address. This leads the person manipulating the face to get it back to a square impact position (the most important part of putting) and very inconsistent putting stats. Testing my students with a
SEEMore Putter on the SAM, the face at address improves and we see a better impact position. This happens without making a change to the stroke, just the face at address.
SEEMore Putter is the best putter on the market to aim the face at your target. When used correctly, the
SEEMore Putter face is square, resulting in less hands needed to correct a poor starting position. I challenge my student to cover the red dot, and have the black part of the shaft lie directly in between the 2 white lines that are on each side of the red dot. The student will now see what a square face looks like and see the results quickly.
PDQ DRILL: You will need a Penny, Dime, and a Quarter for this drill. Let’s start simple… place a quarter on the ground (putting green or indoor carpet ) about 6 inches in front of your golf ball. Aim your putter at the quarter and roll your ball over the quarter… 2 times. Once completed, replace the quarter with the penny…repeat 3 times…complete and replace the penny with a dime. Do this 5 times. If you finish this level, move the coins 1 foot, 2 foot and then 3 foot from your starting point and see how good you are aiming the putter and starting the ball on line. Aim improves impact; impact improves everything…speed, direction and even your green reading. I hope this helps…. Roll it! Hole it!  
Chris Knobloch -
https://twitter.com/chrisknobloch -

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