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6 Staff Management Tips for Your Sports Facility

Posted by Upper Hand | Nov 22, 2017 3:54:23 PM

As the owner of a sports business that provides training programs, camps, and lessons for young athletes, you likely manage a staff that helps coach these kids, walking them through critical exercises every day. You love working with athletes - after all that’s why you got started - but what about managing a staff of trainers and instructors? Unfortunately, it isn't always as easy as training your athletes, and it might not be something you’ve done before. These six tips for managing your training staff, however, will make it easier to ensure that your employees are taking care of daily responsibilities and working to motivate athletes.


1. Unite Your Staff

A guiding mission statement is a great way to unify your staff and ensure that you're all working toward the same goal. Make sure that employees clearly understand the mission of your sports academy. Are you helping young athletes move closer to a professional level? Is your goal to help build a love of the sport in all the young people who come through your facility, or to teach life lessons through sports? When your mission is clear, your employees will feel motivated toward a bigger purpose, and better communicate that with your clients.


2. Share and Maintain Accurate Staff Schedules

These days, there's plenty of technology on the market that will make it easier for you to connect with your staff members and ensure that everyone is on the same page about where to be and when. Try not to change schedules at the last minute unless it's absolutely necessary, and be sure to utilize sports scheduling software to keep everyone notified as to scheduling changes and lesson booking. Staff members need to know what type of training they’ll be running, and with what clients, to properly prepare.


3. Communicate Clearly

Communication is the key to both preventing problems and handling them when they arise. Create open avenues of communication within your training facility, from letting instructors know how to contact you if you aren't available on the premises to holding regular team meetings where you talk out successes and challenges together. The more you communicate with your staff, the better you will understand what is going on at your training facility or academy every day--and the better you will be able to head off potential problems.


4. Build Relationships

Building relationships with the instructors will help all of you work more effectively to help athletes meet their goals. You'll understand the occasional fumble or mistake, learn more about each other's strengths and weaknesses, and prevent conflicts as a result of personal relationships between the members of the team.


5. Lead By Example

What are the core values you want your training staff to embody? Start by embodying those yourself! As an owner, the most effective way to lead your team is by example. Show them how you want them to interact with clients who come to your facility. Demonstrate effective training protocols or how to handle difficult trainees (or, even more importantly, difficult parents of trainees). When you lead by example, you give your employees a confident presence to focus on and follow, as well as further building their trust in you.


6. Offer Training

As you bring in employees, remember that training methods are always evolving and you need to help your team of instructors adapt. Offer training demos and classes for your staff! Providing them with group instruction will help build your team dynamic, while also keeping everyone up to speed with latest techniques. The more you educate and train your employees, the more effective they will become. Not only that, you'll build a workplace environment where employees really want to work.

As you get to know your training staff, you'll discover more about their unique needs and preferences in the workplace. Over time, you'll build an effective team that's eager to come together and develop better trainees meet their goals. In the process, you'll meet your own business goals, help your staff meet their fitness or training goals, and discover a better workplace for everyone involved.

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Written by Upper Hand

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