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6 Ways to Get Client Testimonials to Boost Your Sports Marketing

Posted by Upper Hand | Aug 23, 2017 3:22:34 PM

Gather Client Testimonials in No Time:

Customer testimonials and reviews are one of the best ways to connect with new prospects through simply sharing stories from existing clients. This marketing method quickly builds trust and proves that your services are producing the promised results. Finding ways to collect and share customer testimonials should be a priority in your marketing to engage likely clients, enhance your digital strategy, and grow your sports training business.

Since 87% of customers share good experiences with others, customers are receptive to posting reviews. Yet, it takes a little nudging and creativity to get them involved. Here are six easy ways to get your clients to submit testimonials for you to use as part of your sports marketing efforts.


Local search directories such as Google Places and Yahoo Local are key online listings to boost your sports marketing. You want to create a presence and have great reviews on these sites. If you’re trying to get Google search traffic to your local business, you want your business to come up in the search with a large number of positive reviews.


#1 Include Link in Emails

So how do you get reviews for these listings? Your email subscribers are your biggest fans. Encourage your customers to post positive reviews on your pages by including the link within your promotional emails, or even in your personal signature. This way, clients can easily click-through and be directed to post their review.

Include this link in multiple emails. Parents get busy and may have missed your initial message calling out the request for a review. Send a follow-up to those who opened your email but didn’t respond as a reminder. Also, for those who didn’t engage at all, send a message to make sure they received the first one. This is another reason to keep a review link in your email signature at all times.

Generating these reviews is an important aspect of your business so take the time to make it happen through your current communication efforts.

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#2 Your Facebook Business Page

An awesome feature of your Facebook Page is the Reviews Tab, giving followers an opportunity to give you praises on the #1 social network. A whopping 71% of customers say they either somewhat or completely trust what they see on Facebook. Having customers share feedback on your Reviews tab is a big advantage to building social proof, growing your client base, and helping to boost your pages SEO ranking.

Clients have two options when leaving their review; a star rating or a star rating with a written review. Although you want followers to give a more in-depth response, with the star rating, your average score will display on your Facebook Page. Since it's simple, it actually increases participation.

Regularly ask followers to leave a review on your page. Again, follow up is key. The more people see the request, the more they’re apt to respond.

#3 Social Video Reviews

Social videos drive massive engagement on social media. In fact, Facebook video posts have 135% greater organic reach than photo posts. Videos are compelling and draw people into to the action…and many people enjoy creating them!

Get fans involved by asking them to share videos on their social media and YouTube accounts. Provide the hashtag or keyword (for Facebook and YouTube) to increase exposure. Add these videos to your YouTube channel as Favorites to create a playlist of customer reviews. Here, not only can potential clients hear from your current clients, but they visualize the results you deliver.

#4 Promote Hashtags at Events

Be sure to promote your hashtag to prompt fans to share on social media at your live events and training programs. Later on, you can leverage a social media management tool that monitors your hashtags to see what people have shared about your business. This is priceless content for your future social campaigns, website pages and videos. By reposting and sharing this visual content, you’re significantly increasing brand awareness and opening opportunities for new followers to reach you.

To ensure everyone knows about your branded hashtag, mention it in any program literature, over loudspeakers and digital signage, or even consider including it on sports gear and camp t-shirts!

#5 Host an Instagram Contest

It’s no secret sports fans love Instagram! Use this platform to your advantage by hosting an Instagram contest with the intent of gathering customer testimonials. Create a hashtag as the contest entry for participants to include with their image or video.

Have clients and fans share their experiences by either sharing a picture while at one of your events, posting a video highlighting the progress they’ve made as a result of your training, or an image while they’re actively in training. Determine how you’ll choose winners and prizes to share accordingly.

#6 Reward Customers

Consider offering your customers an incentive for creating reviews. Ideas include a branded t-shirt or promo item, special training discount, or Amazon gift card. There are creative ways you can reward clients for taking the time to post a review. The credibility you’ll build as a result will be well worth the investment.



Online customer testimonials can set you up for long-term success. It helps foster trust with prospective clients, boost your sports marketing and brand awareness, increase conversions, and build brand loyalty as you engage clients and athletes in different ways. Use these simple tips to create a vault of customer testimonial content. As you do, you’ll develop creative ways to implement your testimonials into your sports marketing to enhance your overall digital strategy.

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Written by Upper Hand

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