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6 Creative Ways to Keep Your Sports Training Staff Motivated

Posted by Upper Hand | Jul 24, 2017 12:46:40 PM

Keeping Staff Energized and Engaged to Build a Better Sports Program:

Looking for creative ways to energize and motivate your staff? As a sports training brand, you understand the importance of motivating and pushing your clients to greater heights in their athletic ability.

Although your admin and staff aren’t actively running drills or exercise routines, they do require motivation to perform at their best in what they do. Taking the time to invest in your team can create a winning work culture where everyone wants to be involved.

The good news is, motivating your team doesn’t necessarily mean giving raises and bonuses. There are intangible ways to rejuvenate your sports training staff to boost productivity and keep them excited about coming to work. Here are 6 creative tips to keep staff motivated.


#1 Create a Positive Environment

A positive environment is everything. It fosters teamwork, creativity, innovation and excellence. When people are challenged in a way that takes them out of their comfort zone and encourages personal growth, they’re more apt to stick around because of that sense of accomplishment. This may also foster new ideas from staff in terms of creative new training methods and drills. They should be able to admit their mistakes without humiliation or embarrassment. A positive environment encourages everyone to excel that desires to do so.

#2 Empower Your Staff…Individually

Every individual contributes to your bottom line…from trainers and coaches to the bookkeeper and custodial staff. Empowering them to excel in their role, no matter how what that role is, creates a sense of ownership and responsibility over their tasks that leads to meeting and exceeding expectations.

Show appreciation by reaching out and personally saying thank you, give opportunities for your staff to express themselves, and urge individuals (if applicable) to display personal aspirational items in their workspace. These small tokens go far toward improving morale.

#3 Recognition Goes a Long Way!

Recognition and rewarding staff on a consistent basis are excellent ways to express gratitude. Acknowledging personal milestones and even birthdays makes your team feel valued and appreciated. There are a plethora of ways to give honor and create a work culture of appreciation. Here are a few ideas:

  • Staff of the Month Plaque
  • $10 Gift certificate for going above and beyond in working with a client
  • Recognize staff for their achievements in front of the entire team. Be specific and make it personable
  • Handwritten thank you note
  • Find out what your staff loves and give them a gift that supports their interest
  • Buy cake for individual birthdays or one at the beginning of the month if you have a large team

#4 Inspire Teamwork

Teamwork makes the dream work! Just like playing on a sports team, nothing fosters individual focus and responsiveness better than the sense of belonging to a team. When you inspire teamwork, your staff learn to trust each other and look beyond individual tasks. As people feel a part of the bigger vision, they’ll be sure to pull their weight…with pleasure. Additionally, healthy competition can increase productivity and creativity.

Ignite teamwork in your staff through bonding exercises. Perhaps choose a day where everyone goes out for lunch or arrange a sports day for staff to bring out that fun competitive nature.

#5 Encourage and Support New Ideas

Listening to feedback is a big component to practicing leadership and making individuals feel valued. Also, fresh ideas from staff provide you with precious insight on your business that you might not have thought of on your own. Taking the time to listen and respond to different viewpoints and concerns keeps your staff content while giving you information that could prove useful in improving and growing your business.

#6 Host Recreational Events for Staff and Family

Another way to keep your sports training staff motivated and boost morale is through fun work events and outings. Potlucks, a family BBQ, attending a sporting event or hosting a Christmas Party are all ways to add zest to your business. You can even make some of these events company traditions where you put them on annually or quarterly. It gives staff something to look forward to and get excited about, especially when it involves their loved ones.


Implementing ways to motivate your team helps to create a productive work culture. This excitement exudes in job performance, ultimately affecting your clients. The return on investing in your staff is highly rewarding when you consider the impact it will have on your bottom-line. Use these tips to begin developing a work environment that everyone wants to be a part of!

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