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5 Reasons Sports Websites are Essential in the Age of Social Media

Posted by Upper Hand | Apr 27, 2017 1:20:06 PM

Why you can't rely on social media alone to push your business over the goal line 

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social platforms give business owners a host of avenues for free marketing. Within moments, you can create posts to publicize your sports brand -- limited only by how many followers you can rack up. With all this power at your fingertips, why would you still need to invest in a website for your sports brand?

Here are some of the reasons why sports websites are still crucial to your business success...


  1. Websites Offer Functionality
    Social sites don't offer much in terms of functionality, such as the ability to offer one-click purchasing and registration, a way to capture and track data on your visitors, program pages where clients can get a closer look at your training offerings, in addition to many other functionalities that are relatively easy to add to a sports website design.

    A website allows you to get regular insight into your page visitors, where they're coming from, and what the typical buyer's journey is once they get on your site (like how they move through your pages and content). This insight gives you the power to manage your client experience, which simply isn't an option if you're solely using social media.


  1. Websites Don't Limit the Size of Your Content
    Depending on the social site you're using, there's a finite amount of content you can share. With a sports website, you have far more flexibility in terms of your content types, lengths and the ability to link to other related pages and content within your site, like event registration pages.

    For example, say you just announced a summer pitching clinic, or a QB training program, you'll want to link to relevant  registration pages so that clients can click over to your website and purchase the training. You can't do things like this on social media pages, unless you have a website to draw readers. With a website, you can post lengthy, media-rich articles and how-tos, explaining the value of your training program and success stories or testimonials about previous athletes. There just isn't room for this type of information if you're only using social media.


  1. Websites Serve as Feeders to Your Social Media Pages
    When depending only on social sites for promotion, you have to construct all your content for each site. That means developing a new post for each of your social accounts -- one that looks good on Facebook, an abbreviated version for Twitter, another for Instagram, etc. A sports website design allows you to create a plethora of content, from event pages and blog posts to infographics and videos, and then simply draw traffic to your content through social media. When you paste links to your website content on social, the images are automatically displayed, making it fast and incredibly easy to roll out promotions, hold contests or make announcements.


  1. A Website Establishes Your Brand's Credibility
    Building a sports brand today isn't easy. The competition is intense when it comes to specialized athletic training, and some young athletes may opt for a simple gym membership. You have to constantly prove the value your programs bring to athletes, as well as your business's trustworthiness and dependability. If your entire online identity is a Facebook page, you just don't look legit. Give your sports brand the gift of credibility by investing in a sports website design.


  1. It's Easier to Find a Website in an Internet Search
    Sure, people can find you on social media. But for truly hauling in the visitors (aka, your potential clients), you need to be ranking on Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and other top search engines. That means a website. There just is no substitute for well-constructed, healthily-populated sports websites when it comes to ranking page one on a Google search.


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Written by Upper Hand

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