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SEO Tips to Rapidly Increase Traffic to Your Sports Website

Posted by Upper Hand | Jan 12, 2018 3:54:55 PM

Sports websites inhabit a popular corner of the web that continue to grow and grow. Consumers have an insatiable love for sports and parents are constantly on the look for trustworthy academies to get their kids involved in athletics. Once they’ve signed up, they want to know how their athletes or teams are doing. In addition, the interest in national sports is great for content creators that are looking for loyal visitors. There are a few ways to make sure your site stays on top of SEO for sports content to get the most possible visitors to your sports website.


Frequent Content Creation

Building a website with new content every month or two simply won't cut it anymore. The most popular sites have instant reactions and weekly, even daily, updated information and plenty of "hot takes" on every piece of sports news. In order to get a steady stream of visitors viewing, interacting and engaging with your site, you need to create constant content regarding your academy and sports updates. It can also help increase traffic if you weigh in on hot topics in the sports arena.

Update Website Title and Headings

Consider updating the headings and titles that are viewable only to web crawlers on a frequent basis. These can be changed to coincide with recent news or your latest offerings as you update your website.

Catering content and offerings to major events can help with SEO too! Naming a camp or clinic in correlation with the World Series, Olympics, World Cup or Super Bowl can make for a fun marketing campaign and help boost SEO. Responding to the changing calendar helps to keep your site ranked highly in search engines.

Create Categories

Focus on niche categories that attract the long-tail keywords and questions of sports clientele. There is a lot of competition in the market, so be sure to have niche categories that attract passionate clientele.

If you’re running football training focus on categories and keywords as they relate to different positions, plays and drills. Use your expertise to create the most interesting, meaningful, original content around each categorical keyword. This will be more effective than focusing solely on “football training” or “football camps”.

Trending topics on Twitter are a good place to look for new hashtags as well. These give you a tip on what is the hottest search term at the moment and which terms can bring a gusher of real-time traffic.

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Supplement SEO with Paid Search

Even though SEO can work to gain visitors on its own, the boost from paid search can help drive traffic as well. Use a classic optimized A/B testing method to find the best terms for your site. Once you determine which terms convert the best, slowly allocate more funds to those words. Over time, the spend should be a smaller and smaller percentage of your site's revenues.

Keywords Are Just That… KEY!

The key to most SEO strategies - Keywords. Check that you’re using keyword-heavy centered content, consistent with your above identified categories, not just in headers, but also in permalinks. Within your page, use the same keyword identified in the URL and header, throughout your page content. Allow each of the pages on your site to focus primarily on one keyword phrase, versus trying to cram multiple keywords into one url and web page.

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