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March Madness: Final Four for the History Books

on Mar 29, 2017 4:32:47 PM | By Upper Hand | 0 Comments
What NC, SC, Gonzaga, and Oregon are Bringing to the Court Energy is high as fans await the 2017 NCAA Final Four. We are seeing history being made with some of this year’s Final Four teams making it to this stage, for the first time. Other teams have taken a long journey to make it back to a later stage of the tournament. As South Carolina faces off against Gonzaga, and North Carolina takes on Oregon, these teams are prepared to prove what they are made of and earn a spot in the championship. So what exactly is the spark that makes each of these teams special? What is it about the dynamics and psychology behind each team’s drive, that has paved the way to the NCAA Final Four?  
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5 Strategies to Secure A Youth Sports Sponsorship

on Mar 27, 2017 2:35:34 PM | By Upper Hand | 0 Comments
Tips for Getting A Youth Sports Sponsorship for Your Team When parents and others attend your team's Little League game, it’s likely don’t pay an admission fee—but the team members are wearing uniforms and using equipment, and this cost money. There are also costs to keep the field or court well maintained. So, who’s on the hook to make playing the game possible for these young athletes? In most cases, it’s the parents. They often pay for league-registration fees, uniforms and equipment—but there is a way to defray those costs. As a coach or manager, you can secure a sponsorship from local businesses and organizations who will make donations to help pay the costs for young athletes. The question is, how can you most effectively ask these business leaders for a youth sports sponsorship?
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Now That's A Game Changer!

on Mar 23, 2017 4:48:57 PM | By Upper Hand | 0 Comments
10 Best Sports Tech Innovations Improving the Game In the words of Lee Aviram Shoshany, manager of digital media technologies for the nonprofit Israel Export and International Institute, “The intersection between the passion for sports and the passion for technological innovation is a ball of fire." Technological innovations are enhancing the global sports experience each and every day. That’s one of the many reasons why we love doing what we do at Upper Hand. Investors, telecoms, teams and leagues are eager for game-changing applications for athletics worldwide. There are so many incredible advancements to choose from but here are ten of the best technology innovations breaking into sports!
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Prepare, Execute, Deliver with Sports Camp Registration Software

on Mar 20, 2017 9:54:54 AM | By Upper Hand | 0 Comments
Make Sure Parents are at Ease Sending Their Athletes to Camp It's the first day of camp. Athletes and parents are arriving full of excitement, and likely, some anxieties. How do you greet them? Is your camp check-in process and first day a well-oiled machine, or are you scrambling, leaving parents standing in long lines, waiting to sign in their child. Running a sports business or sports camp program needs complete organization in order to avoid confusion during the registration and sign-in process. Since this field is already very competitive, a camp like yours could easily lose out to a local competitor you’re not prepared and organized. Mistakes made in registering athletes and checking them in at the start of camp, can leave parents with a bitter taste in their mouth, making them unlikely to return and possibly even causing them to ask for refunds. Parents are going to keep a scrutinizing eye on camps like yours, because any issues could denote unprofessional behavior. If you can’t run registration smoothly, why would parents expect you to teach their children about sports and keep the young athletes well-supervised? 
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Sports Website Design Built for Short Attention Spans

on Mar 14, 2017 4:14:48 PM | By Upper Hand | 0 Comments
Breaking it Down: How to be Sure Your Sports Website is Keeping Visitors' Attention  Did you know that the average human has a shorter attention span than a goldfish? That's right, science has determined that the average human attention span is 8 seconds. The goldfish has an average attention span of 9 seconds. While most of us have heard this amusing statistic before, have you thought about the importance of said statistic? This is crucial when it comes to capturing the attention of visitors to your website before they get bored and turn to something else. You have about seven seconds to capture someone's attention. So, how do you determine if your sports website design is accomplishing this? 
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Improved Client Experience with Automated Sports Management Software

on Mar 6, 2017 5:08:45 PM | By Upper Hand | 0 Comments
Key Pillars to Keeping Clients Happy With Automated Sports Management Software Automation has become a major technology pursuit in virtually every industry, though some may think it only applies to the industrial world. You probably know you can use automated systems through sports management software, to make back-off tasks easier and more efficient for your and your staff, but are you aware of the improvements this type of automation can bring to your clients?
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Top 4 Ways to Grow Your Sports Brand’s Instagram Presence

on Feb 24, 2017 3:39:12 PM | By Kevin MacCauley | 1 Comment
The Power of Visuals for Your Sports Business There are over 165 million users on Instagram that are sports fans. This highly visual network offers an incredible platform for you to promote and bring awareness to your camp, training program, facility, or other sports business brand. Since most fans desire to follow their favorite brands on social media, having a visible presence on Instagram will be a valuable asset to your overall social media strategy.
Topics: Marketing
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Sports Camp Flyers that Can Boost your Registration

on Feb 22, 2017 4:11:55 PM | By Upper Hand | 0 Comments
Boost your Enrollment with an Eye-Catching Camp Flyer What if you could increase your registrations for your upcoming sports camps by tweaking a few design elements on your flyers or brochures? Whether they are printed, emailed or even posted on social media or your sports website, these tips for your sports camp flyers can help boost your registrations:  
Topics: Marketing
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Social Media Tips to Boost Your Online Sports Registration

on Feb 17, 2017 4:23:21 PM | By Upper Hand | 0 Comments
Boost brand awareness & online sports registration with these 7 platforms & tips! Social media in its most primitive form actually began in the early 1970's with the emergence of listservs, newsgroups and chat rooms. Social media has evolved steadily since then to what is now known today as the "Golden Era" of social media. In the past decade, social media has gone from a novelty to an absolute necessity. Social media is an extension of your overall sports marketing plan, and it can’t be ignored. Utilize the following tips for boosting your online sports registration for events and training program to maximize your social media marketing efforts:
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Four Key Ingredients to a Great Sports Website

on Feb 8, 2017 9:11:58 AM | By Kevin MacCauley | 0 Comments
The Importance of Your Sports Website Design Let’s start by making sure your perception of what makes a good sports website is aligned with the realities of what people want from a modern website. One thing that hasn't changed over time, it isn’t just athletes interested in visiting your website, it’s the whole family. Moms and dads, friends and neighbors are all interested, particularly when one a youth athlete close to them works up to become a star athlete! This might shatter your preconceived notions about creating the perfect sports website for youth athletes at your sports organization. But make sure you do your research and think through your web users and the information they are looking for, before you dive into creating your sports website.
Topics: Marketing
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