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Iconic Coaching Styles - Where do you fit in?

Iconic Coaching Styles - Which sounds like you?

A great coach is adaptable, changing his or her coaching strategies and techniques based on the group of athletes and the situation. These are some of the most common sports coaching styles and how...

Upper Hand Year In Review

Upper Hand Sports Software - 2016 Year in Review

From rebranding and a big office move, to major software updates and big team additions, 2016 was definitely a year for the record books at Upper Hand! Here a just a few of the year's big moments!

Sports Traditions & What They Bring to the Game

Building Camaraderie Through Sports Traditions

With the holidays come long-time traditions among family and friends, which got me thinking about the rich culture of traditions and rituals in sports. These traditions build camaraderie between...

Top Sports Website Design Companies

Sports Website Design - Top Company Reviews

It's important to understand the different offerings of top sports website companies if you are looking to build your first, or redesign an existing sports organization website. Reviews of what the...

Content That Will Increase Your Sports Social Media Following

Part 5: Better Content Equals Engaged Social Media Followers

With all of the technological advancements and social media platforms at your fingertips, you might imagine that it would be easy to run and grow a social media following, but that’s...

Three Instagram Contests to Boost Your Sports Brand

Part 4: Three Instagram Contests to Boost Your Sports Brand & Following

With over 500 million daily active users on Instagram, there’s a large audience of potential fans and prospects that are looking to engage with your sports brand. If you’re...

Get Visual with Your Sports Social Media

Part 3: The Power of Images & Videos on Sports Social Media Accounts

Your sporting event is a great opportunity to engage with your fans live, meet and interact with potential influencers in your industry, build relationships, and of course,...

Thanksgiving Traditions #TudorRoomTurkey


The Indiana University men’s soccer program has a long-standing Thanksgiving tradition called Tudor Room Turkey that dates back to the program’s inception in the 1970s. I was introduced to this Thanksgiving tradition in 2008.

Thanksgiving Football Traditions

Thankful for Family, Friends & Football!

Thanksgiving is a very special time for families all across our great country. It is a time for reflection and thanks. It is a time to be with those who you care about most and let them know how much they...

Sports Social Media Tips to Engage with Holiday Shoppers

Part 2: Growing Your Social Media Following During December

December is an incredibly busy month for many families. It's also a great time to dig in and build your social media following, making the most of advertising opportunities throughout...